The Story Of Lakehurst

Hey. What's up? My name's Lakehurst. I'm a dirigible (which you might call a "zeppelin"). I love indie rock music. I float around in the skies, usually somewhere between Queens, New York, and Pacific Palisades, New Jersey. That's because in those places, there are these awesome Korean spas, some of them open twenty-four hours a day. They let my human friends have the chance to soak away their cares and sit in mud-brick rooms hot enough to boil eggs. I like humans ... they can make indie rock more easily than I can. I can do awesome shit like exploding in flames or soaring into the sky carrying cargo, but music is a tougher thing to get with. Doesn't stop me trying, of course. I put out a pretty good humming sound with my propellors! It's a bit like Eno, but more minimal. I can make different frequencies.

Anyway. I'm also into this band called Dirigible Ego. I heard about them because their band name reminded me of me.

They're reasonably cool guys. They're up in Boston, which doesn't have very many Korean spas yet, but we're gonna work on that. They sound good, so if they're doing a show I might float on up. If you see me, say hi. As long as you don't wave a cigarette lighter at me, I'm a pretty cool dude.

My other friends are Heathcliff, Donner, and Curtis.

Curtis is a biplane. Or so he says. Some of us think he may someday announce that he has really been a gayplane all along. But he says he sometimes let Amelia Earhart fly him. If that's important.

Donner is a large thundercloud who seems to be in a perpetual bad mood, but really it's just low pressure.

Heathcliff really is in a bad mood sometimes. People often mistake him for an oil rig. In fact he's a mooring mast, as his name suggests.

Here's a picture of all of us hanging out.

So anyway, that's my story, at least so far. Check back sometime and maybe I'll update how things are going lately. You know, no pressure.