About The Band

Dirigible Ego
band photo

The Rocket. The Mathematician. The Snarky One. One straight, two queer (take a guess). The one with facial hair--okay, so that's usually most of us. The one who didn't start playing for reals until he was 40. The one who can't stop cracking jokes in rehearsal--okay, so that's most of us. The ones who own the same model of car. The one who owns no car at all. The hot one--okay, that's definitely all three of us (but feel free to pick your favorite).

Seriously, all these words? They're just dangling a hook so you come to a show or listen to the music. All we really want is to write great original songs, play them awesomely, and rock your pants off while we do so. Sure, it isn't ONLY about "the music": we're interesting people in our own right. The thing is, we want you to get that through the songs. (If you want to get to know the real band members, buy us a drink after a show ... if we're not too busy loading our gear out. That shit's heavy, yo.)

We want the music and the shows to give you something you can make your own. You know how it is. You fall in love with a song or a band because they grab something that's already your own and give it back to you doubled, or ten-fold. We just want to be that for you by being it for ourselves.

Cast, in order of appearance

  • Pete Chvany: Vocals, guitars, occasional bass and keys
  • Eric Karnowski: Bass, vocals, keys, etc
  • Doug Allen: Drums, guitars, vocals
  • songwriting: Pete, Eric
  • arrangements: the band
  • photos: Mark L Saperstein, Ian Lekus, Pete Chvany, Todd Page, Joe Williams
  • publicity: Matt Johnson
  • live gig support: Alan Hamilton, Lara Petrak, Mark, Matt, Ian
  • emeritus: Ryan Donnelly: Lead guitar and effects, 2008-2009