C.D. On Songs reviewed our song "All Saints" on the Boston Band Crush site. Here's the whole review. Highlights:

  • "like the prog-rock poetry of the 70′s, only taking place in your Uncle Sal’s front lawn"
  • "it’s a statement on what has become of cherished beliefs and symbols ... a compelling notion ..."
  • "Dirigible Ego doesn’t just spin their own philosophical wheels but those of the listener as well. The solid construction of the composition allows the song’s message to breathe deep and be heard loud and clear.

Music Connection reviewed our May 2009 show at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge. Here's a few of the things they said about us:

  • "... Dirigible Ego perform as though they have years of experience jamming together."
  • "... these Beantown players have the makings of a success story."
  • "... their songs are undeniably well-crafted and cleverly hook-laden ..."
  • "Dirigible Ego is brimming with both talent and earnest intent."
  • "Odds are this group's flavor will grow on you and one can bet their fan base will grow as well."

We want to give a shout-out to Andy Kaufmann at Music Connection for such a great review. To say that we are thrilled with how much he liked us would be putting it mildly, much like calling Jupiter a big planet would be an understatement.

Jeff Royds interviewed us for his excellent Boston Garage Bands Radio podcast in early May of 2009. Scroll down until you find us in Episode 52! We had a blast talking with Jeff.

DE Cosmos